Micro weddings. Intimate, intentional, small, simple, sweet.

Are you a bride or groom in the midst of planning and thinking these descriptions sound pretty good right now? Maybe a micro wedding is for you!

We LOVE micro weddings. We have photographed weddings of all sizes, and there is just something special about the intimacy of having only the closest of friends and family joining in on one of the most intimate moments of your life.

Micro weddings are memorable.

Micro weddings are perfect for unique locations and nontraditional aspects of your wedding. Do you want to start your married life on a mountain top at sunset? On a boat in the lake or ocean? In your home church while the snow is falling outside? In the backyard of the home you grew up in? Do you want to be in a jumpsuit or a sundress or a vintage Dolly outfit? This may be just the fit.

Micro weddings are extremely personalized. 

We have weddings that are a fusion of cultures. Weddings that take place in cherished locations. Weddings that have day-of tattoos, even! Your wedding is an extension and reflection of who you are as a couple. It doesn't have to be a fancy dinner party when you're definitely more of a backyard BBQ couple; it doesn't have to be a ball gown when you just want a flowing sun dress. Your big day is about showing how your lives collide and two becoming one.

Micro weddings are reserved for your people.

To have the family and friends (even those joining via FaceTime and WhatsApp from around the world) so close by as marriage vows are exchanged is such a cherished moment. If you're looking to save money during this time, the guest list should be the first to get cuts. If you're looking to cut out other people's opinions on your day, you guessed it, guest list. Going into the long haul of marriage doesn't require 300 people watching you say your vows. It's a small group of people who love you deeply and will do whatever they can to see you succeed.

Micro weddings are cost-effective.

Incredible weddings do not have to cost a fortune. Having a micro wedding allows the couple to spend where they want to splurge, and save on things that aren’t big priorities! It also allows families to contribute in non-traditional ways…providing food, photographers, decor, etc are all ways that families can join forces and finances to help couples break into their new life together without breaking the bank.

None of this is to say we have anything against larger weddings! We just want you to have a full picture of all of your options as an engaged couple. If a micro wedding sounds like the direction you want to go, let us know! We would love  to photograph your big day (especially if you're going for vintage Dolly), and we don’t mind traveling! Seriously. How can we help you discover all of the benefits of a micro wedding?