How to help your photographer capture your wedding day details

& what to bring for your flat lays

The wedding details are what couples put the most thought and effort into.

Whether it's DIY, borrowed, rented, or outright purchased, you want your wedding venue and all of those special details to look just right.

So, how do you help make sure the details are captured?

First, make sure that you communicate with your photographer about everything! Wedding details are included in that. Generally speaking, your photographer is going to take beautiful photos of your location/venue. They're going to pick up on those centerpieces and backdrops. They'll make sure to capture signage and all of the noticeable decor, but sometimes, certain items aren't placed in a central location or they're brought out after the ceremony. Make sure you relay your expectations of what your photographer needs to capture. And hey, for some of our couples, they don't really care about the tablescapes or guest favors. They would much rather us be in the room helping them get ready and capturing those sweet moments before the ceremony starts. And that is absolutely perfect, too!

If you're a TBP couple, you will get a Wedding Day Shot List. This itemized list will not only help us call out names during family photos but it's also where our couples put any specific details they want captured.

All things flat lays

First, what is a flay lay? A wedding flat lay is a specially curated photo that focuses on a few small yet important details. These details are less about the decor and venue and hyper focused around the couple and the wedding day. Major players in the flat lay game are: wedding rings/engagement band, wedding invitations and day-of stationary, and wedding floral from the bride and groom. As flat lay photos have continued to grow over the past few years, we've seen some couples incorporate: wedding shoes, ties, vow booklets, Bibles, cuff links, and wedding jewelry. Lately, we're loving the trend of incorporating: wedding colors with things such as fruits, ribbon, florals, wedding day perfume and cologne, important trinkets to the couple, and even photos of pets! These photos are only meant to highlight the couple and their special day.

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