At-Home sessions are always a good idea

Have you ever considered an at-home session? Whether it's Mid-winter or the insanely hot summer, at-home options are a year round option!

Here's a few reasons why they're so great, and why we love them some much.

Our Myspace Top 8 Reasons for an at-home session:

  1. Texas winters are cold & the summers are brutally hot. The weather is pretty unpredictable year round.
  2. Most of the trees & fields don't look their best in the middle of winter and summer.
  3. We spend more time at home than ever before. It makes sense to be captured in your own special space.
  4. The comfort your home brings you & your family will be captured within your photos.
  5. It's the BEST way to capture your favorite things. Want to eat your favorite meal or make some drinks? Love reading together or playing video games? DO IT.
  6. If you have newborns or pets, it may be the only option to have them photographed with you safely.
  7. You can dress it up or down. Your home doesn't have to be spotless & your clothes don't have to be so curated. If you want that option though, this is still the perfect way to dress up & celebrate.
  8. Capture the exact place you & your family are in at this moment in time. Fields & downtown are beautiful, but a memory of you & your loved ones in a place you call home, you just can't beat that kind of emotion.

Alright, you're convinced, now what?

Well now it's time to book! Ideal bookings are mid-morning or high noon but definitely before nightfall. If your home isn't particularly bright, let's use the daylight to help fill your home with light.

Alright, I'm Scheduled, now what should I do to get ready for my session?

  1. Start by deciding what you want your session to feel like. Is this a nice family session in nice clothes set in your nicest room? Is this a relaxed & romantic documentation of the love in your home? Or is this an all out jam session, master chef jr, or mixology hang sesh?
  2. Once you decide on the overall feel of your session, make sure your clothes match the mood. If you want to have a laid back session with your fiance, wear jeans instead of a nice dress and a band t-shirt instead of a button up. If we want upscale photos in our newly renovated living room and kitchen then aim for a nice jumpsuit or comfy slacks. But, if we decide to kick off our shoes, please wear matching socks. Even if it's just for us okay?
  3. Clean up your spaces! You don't have to go crazy & redecorate or move pieces off the walls. But let's put away the workout gear & toys & dishes that we all let pile up in our sinks.
  4. When deciding on rooms you want to be photographed in, think of the natural light from the windows. We don't have to have floor to ceiling windows, because we'll worry about filling in more light if it's needed, but natural light is always helpful.
  5. Don't be afraid to incorporate some of your favorite family activities. Small family band, let's jam. Love a family Taco Tuesday, let's cook. Thursdays wine night with your wife, let's pop open a cork.
  6. Relay your exceptions & ideas! We're typically a stranger in your home & willing to let you lead while we offer background direction. If you're lost, set up a call or Zoom/FaceTime meeting! It's important that everyone feels as comfortable as possible.