Kim's Bridal Session

If you asked anyone who has even crossed-paths with Kim to tell you about her, you would hear the same couple of adjectives on repeat: lively, funny, generous, inviting, thoughtful…the list goes on. My goal for this session was for Kim to have pictures anyone could look at and see these things about her; to look back on one of the most joyful seasons of life with warm, treasured memories.

Jake and I have photographed Kim (and her now-husband Zach) a number of times over the last few years; to be asked to handle these now-friends’ wedding and all that came along with it was SUCH an honor. Kim and I discussed her vision ahead of time - a contemporary, studio setting that would allow us to create a celebratory golden-hour-look, even at 2 p.m. on a rainy Dallas day. The Lumen Room in Dallas turned out to be an excellent choice, providing all we needed to carry out one of my favorite bridal sessions yet!

Kim provided the rest of the magic…confetti poppers, balloons, wedding details, and her ready-to-model self - all the ingredients for a memorable shoot. Kim (being the incredibly organized bride she was) booked the Lumen Room for 2 & ½ hours, which was enough time to capture all of our bridal needs and also to photograph many things that are normally day-of items (flatlays, details, dress, etc). 

After our shoot, I couldn’t wait to get home and start editing these…waiting until after the wedding to post them was one of the most difficult waits I’ve ever had! Shooting in a studio is not just a great option for the gross winter months, but is also a good option when the weather is unpredictable, which is ALWAYS in Texas. The ability to control the environment, lighting, and atmosphere is a really nice feature of the studio experience!

Am I a studio lover now? I think so….